Terms of service

Orders placed through www.slickhairwholesale.com are to be used solely for wholesale commercial sale only and can not be used for individual use.

By placing an order with slickhairwholesale.com you are confirming that you are a registered business and you hold rights to make purchases on your businesses behalf.

You understand all the minimum order quantities for each product are set and cannot be adjusted once the order is placed.

Products are only to be resold under the direct trading of the business who holds the current Slick Hair Wholesale account. This means all retailers, salons and online stores must trade as the business who is purchasing the product and not a third party. This includes online marketplace sites such as but not limited to, Amazon, Catch Of The Day, Ebay Etc.

Product is not to be sold above or below the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) set on slickhairwholesale.com. Any variations to these set prices must be approved by Slick Hair Company first.

All shipping costs will be covered by the buyer, including any product that may need to be returned.

All information on slickhairwholesale.com is private and confidential and not to be shared with any outside third parties that are not affiliated with the buyer.

Order cancelations must be emailed to wholesale@slickhaircompany.com within 12 hours of the order being placed to avoid any fees.

Slick Hair Company takes no responsibility to buy back any unused or slow moving stock or stock returned by the buyer's customer.

Slick Hair Company reserves the right at any time to remove the buyer's access to slickhairwholesale.com should they wish with no notice period given to the buyer.

The buyer agrees to operate in an ethical and cooperative manner that always acts in the best interest of both Slick Hair Company and their own business.